Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Instagram Love

I'm a little behind on blogging, and a little behind the times, unfortunately.  But, I recently discovered Instagram, and I must admit, I'm in love.  I do not remember to take my camera anywhere anymore.  But, I always have my phone.  And, after Instagram, the pictures I take with my phone actually look kinda awesome.  So, here's a little sampling. . .

Tristan keeps fully entertained during Rohne's ball games playing in the dirt.  What is it with boys and dirt?
Taylee actually has some great friends at school finally.  This is at Field Day today.  It only took her all year.
They had a cute Mother's Day Tea for the First Graders.  Tay made me this hat, and we got to drink lemonade and listen to some songs that they prepared just for mothers.  Cute.
Rohne and N. at Field Day today
Tug-of-War.  I remember this being one of my favorites at Field Day too.
My new nephew, Hudson.  Oh, how I love him so much.  So much.  He is absolutely, perfectly, delicious, and scrumptious.  My arms are aching right now to hold him.  Thank you so much for having a baby, Mo! 
Rohne is finishing out another year of Baseball.  He has not had a terrific season.   Just hasn't enjoyed it a whole lot.  Maybe it's not his thing.  And, that's okay. . .
We have a park that is at a church across the street from our house.  It's actually a really cool park, and the church doesn't mind if we play there.  It's kinda awesome that way.
I had been wanting to try out the "colored jeans" trend, but, too scared to cough up the money on something I wouldn't wear for long.  I found this awesome red pants at Goodwill for 5 bucks.  I feel bold when I am  wearing them with Bubber's hooker shoes.  (Sorry Mom.)
We took the kids on a Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island over Spring Break.  It was heavenly.   Ferries are one of the reasons why I tolerate rainy Seattle.  They're pretty much awesome.

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Celinda said...

Oh, Emily, your mother loves it when you and my other children blog! Thank you for sharing with this lonesome mother and grandmother. You are all so beautiful and so loved.