Friday, November 23, 2012

Taylee's Baptism

Taylee turned 8 August 25th, and was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints September 29th, with her cousin, Samantha.  It was such a beautiful, wonderful day.  I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of my girl.  She is such a joy and blessing to have in our family.  She was so so ready to make this choice, and I have seen her mature, and grow leaps and bounds since her Baptism.  She is forever our moral compass, always reminding us what is right and wrong.  We love love love you so much, sweet girl, and we're so excited to see what you do with all of your amazing gifts!

We took some pictures at the Temple, on a rare sunny day.  She picked out her own dress online, and it ended up being just gorgeous, and it fit her so nicely.  
It was only fitting that these girls, born just shy of 5 weeks apart, and absolute best friends, should share their special day.  It will be such a terrific memory for them.
We used this picture for her announcement, with the words on top.

Always our little performer, Tay really wanted to sing at her Baptism.  She loves music, and as it is such a huge part of her life, she wanted to share that with everyone.  I played for her while she sang her favorite Primary song, "I will Follow God's Plan."  It added to the Spirit so much, and I loved that she was able to bear her testimony in that way.

I didn't get a picture of the back, but they both wore their hair in 2 braids, joined together in a messy bun,with a beautiful white flower corsage my mom and sister made for them.
The brothers baptizing their first borns.  It was such a wonderful experience.  I am so grateful for Jake, and the Priesthood he brings to our home.
 We got lucky again, and it ended up being a lovely day.  We had family and friends over to Jeremy and Monique's house afterwards, for a little luncheon, playing, and socializing.  We had some things come up in my family, and no one was able to come, but, we felt their Spirits, and missed them immensely. Only one more year, and I have to do this again!  Phew!  


Monique said...

Oh, wow! I rarely check blogs anymore, and to my surprise, you've updated! The baptism was beautiful as are our girls. It turned out just great! And, Taylee sang wonderfully. I love all the temple pictures of Tay. So pretty. And, yes, lucky you...get to plan another next year! I can't believe how big these kids are getting!

Celinda said...

It's great to read your post. Thank you! Wish we had been there, but now I feel more in touch. What beautiful young girls! Where has the time gone? said...

I am so missing you! I can't believe how big the kids are! I can't believe Taylee is 8! You look beautiful!

Gamal Fuad said...