Friday, November 23, 2012

Taylee's Baptism

Taylee turned 8 August 25th, and was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints September 29th, with her cousin, Samantha.  It was such a beautiful, wonderful day.  I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of my girl.  She is such a joy and blessing to have in our family.  She was so so ready to make this choice, and I have seen her mature, and grow leaps and bounds since her Baptism.  She is forever our moral compass, always reminding us what is right and wrong.  We love love love you so much, sweet girl, and we're so excited to see what you do with all of your amazing gifts!

We took some pictures at the Temple, on a rare sunny day.  She picked out her own dress online, and it ended up being just gorgeous, and it fit her so nicely.  
It was only fitting that these girls, born just shy of 5 weeks apart, and absolute best friends, should share their special day.  It will be such a terrific memory for them.
We used this picture for her announcement, with the words on top.

Always our little performer, Tay really wanted to sing at her Baptism.  She loves music, and as it is such a huge part of her life, she wanted to share that with everyone.  I played for her while she sang her favorite Primary song, "I will Follow God's Plan."  It added to the Spirit so much, and I loved that she was able to bear her testimony in that way.

I didn't get a picture of the back, but they both wore their hair in 2 braids, joined together in a messy bun,with a beautiful white flower corsage my mom and sister made for them.
The brothers baptizing their first borns.  It was such a wonderful experience.  I am so grateful for Jake, and the Priesthood he brings to our home.
 We got lucky again, and it ended up being a lovely day.  We had family and friends over to Jeremy and Monique's house afterwards, for a little luncheon, playing, and socializing.  We had some things come up in my family, and no one was able to come, but, we felt their Spirits, and missed them immensely. Only one more year, and I have to do this again!  Phew!  

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Little Instagram Love

I'm a little behind on blogging, and a little behind the times, unfortunately.  But, I recently discovered Instagram, and I must admit, I'm in love.  I do not remember to take my camera anywhere anymore.  But, I always have my phone.  And, after Instagram, the pictures I take with my phone actually look kinda awesome.  So, here's a little sampling. . .

Tristan keeps fully entertained during Rohne's ball games playing in the dirt.  What is it with boys and dirt?
Taylee actually has some great friends at school finally.  This is at Field Day today.  It only took her all year.
They had a cute Mother's Day Tea for the First Graders.  Tay made me this hat, and we got to drink lemonade and listen to some songs that they prepared just for mothers.  Cute.
Rohne and N. at Field Day today
Tug-of-War.  I remember this being one of my favorites at Field Day too.
My new nephew, Hudson.  Oh, how I love him so much.  So much.  He is absolutely, perfectly, delicious, and scrumptious.  My arms are aching right now to hold him.  Thank you so much for having a baby, Mo! 
Rohne is finishing out another year of Baseball.  He has not had a terrific season.   Just hasn't enjoyed it a whole lot.  Maybe it's not his thing.  And, that's okay. . .
We have a park that is at a church across the street from our house.  It's actually a really cool park, and the church doesn't mind if we play there.  It's kinda awesome that way.
I had been wanting to try out the "colored jeans" trend, but, too scared to cough up the money on something I wouldn't wear for long.  I found this awesome red pants at Goodwill for 5 bucks.  I feel bold when I am  wearing them with Bubber's hooker shoes.  (Sorry Mom.)
We took the kids on a Ferry ride to Bainbridge Island over Spring Break.  It was heavenly.   Ferries are one of the reasons why I tolerate rainy Seattle.  They're pretty much awesome.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Taylee's First Grade Music Concert


As I have mentioned before, my little girl is very shy.  I mean, painfully, at times.  Yet, she loves performing.  I mean, adores it.  It's like her favorite thing ever.  She had her 1st Grade Program last night.  And, she has literally been talking about it for weeks and weeks.  She was soooo excited about it.  Every day she would talk about it.  What she would wear, who's going to come and watch, what time she needs to be there, how long it's going to be, etc.  Plus, she was VERY excited that she got a solo.  Their music teacher had everyone who was interested audition for special parts. She really wanted a singing part, and when she came home with a rapping solo, I admit, I was a little bummed.  But, she seemed to be perfectly happy, and was so sweet saying that everyone who got singing parts sang them perfectly, and she did good at the rapping solo! 

Well, last night was the night.  I didn't quite know what to expect.  But, we dressed her up, and watched her shine!  And, I mean, glitter.  In my eyes, she stole the show.  I was so proud that I couldn't stop crying. I'm sure a lot of parents thought I was insane.   She struggles with so many things, socially, and often times, never lets anyone see how wonderful she truly is.  When she is on the stage, she comes alive, and becomes the Taylee we know and love.  I am a proud Mamma!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just a Little

I am very aware how behind I am at blogging.  I guess I just haven't been feelin' it.  We also, really don't have much going on.  I fully plan on blogging Christmas and Thanksgiving one of these days though.  So, don't give up on me.  Here's a few pictures to "wet your palate."

 A few weeks ago, we had a lot of snow.  Then, after the snow, we got ice.  Lots of ice.  The kids were out of school for the whole week.  They loved playing in the snow for the first few days.  Then, they realized they would much rather just pester me inside.  We spent the whole week cooped up, not going anywhere really.  Which lead to the next week, every single one of us getting Strep Throat.  That was fun.  So, the kids missed another week of school.  Phew!!
 Whitney acted shocked that I didn't want to go out and play with them.  Yes, I grew up with cold, snowy, winters.  I didn't like them then, and it's no different for me now.  Give me palm trees, and sunshine all winter long, and I'd be happy.

Their first attempt at a snowman.  I think they made several more after this one.  Pretty good though!

Last night was the Father Daughter Valentine Dance at the High School.  Taylee has been counting down the days until this event.  She was so excited to go with her daddy.  She looked so pretty, and they had a wonderful time dancin' the night away.

Every day, I remind myself how blessed I am to have such a great guy in my life.  We have been going through some pretty tough times lately, but, he never wavers in his positive attitude, and love for life.  He is an amazing father, and husband.  (He's also turning 35 on Friday!  Yikes!)  So, Happy Birthday Babe.  I love ya.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Rohnie update

Our big boy is soooo much like his dad.  He started Kindergarten this year, and while I was worried about Tay, I wasn't at all concerned about him.  He has been ready for quite some time.  He loves school, and is doing pretty well.  That endless energy can get him in trouble at times, but, we expected that.  I haven't been too impressed with his teacher though.  She is very unorganized, and they have a lot more play time than learning time.  I was really really mad for awhile about it, but, I am powerless to change it, so, we've just decided to try and make this year as positive as possible.  He is quite popular, and well-liked by all the boys and girls in his class.  He is also almost a head taller than everyone else.  He comes home with a new hole in his jeans every. single. day.  And, he grows out of his jeans just as fast as he ruins them.  Thrift store jeans are now my best friend for him.  At least for now.

 Crazy hair day at school.  He actually won the contest in his class for this hair do.  It was just a classroom vote, and, he didn't win a prize, but, he was really happy about it!

 He turned 6 the beginning of November.  We did a family party, and a real friend party this year.  This was his first friend party, and he loved it.  I have been pretty nervous about throwing him a party, since, little boys can get pretty crazy.  We ended up with 6 boys, and it was mayhem.  I quickly learned that while I know little girls' parties, I was totally out of my element with all these boys.  Jake took over from there, and I was so happy I did it on a day when he was home.  They loved him.
 We played pin the sticker on the Super hero, and had a pinata.  Then, we just ate, and let the boys play.

 Here's the whole group of crazies.

Rohne really wanted a sword cake.  I was at a total loss, but, my wonderful mother-in-law came through, and helped me put together the cake.  It turned out so awesome!

Tay Rae, our girl

Because I'm still playing major catch-up, I thought I'd just give a little update on each of the kids.  Taylee turned 7 in August, and started First Grade!!!  It was a rocky start, to say the least, but, after 3 months, she might be getting into the groove now.  We  moved houses, which caused us to switch schools as well.  This was a very hard transition for her.  She is extremely shy, and does not take to change very well.  Although, socially, she still struggles a little, we were very very blessed that she has such an awesome teacher, and she is doing awesome academically.  She follows all the rules, and just loves being in the classroom.  When I volunteer, I am always pleasantly surprised at her participation, and how happy she seems at school.  What more could you ask for? 

First day of 1st Grade.

 Crazy hair day at school.  She really wanted pink hair, so we searched around, and after Grandma finally found some, she kind of chickened out.  She does not like to draw attention to herself.  So, she settled with just a little stripe.  I thought it was cute.

 She turned 7 back in August.  We celebrated by having just a small friend party with her besties.  We went to Red Robin for some lunch, and then came home and played, and had cake and ice cream.  Her big present, was getting her ears pierced earlier in the day.  She did really well, only a few tears.  And, she has done great about cleaning them, and twisting them.  No infections!

 Her 3 best friends.  All very very sweet girls.  I loved her birthday this year.  It was very low-key, and fun for all.  4 girls is a perfect number!!

 Of course, the boys were there as well.  Parker and Rohnie couldn't be left out of the action.

I find myself worrying about Taylee more so than my boys.  Maybe because she is the most like me.  She loves her beauty sleep, worries a lot, gets anxious, and stressed out, wants everything to be perfect, etc.  But, she is my constant ray of sunshine, and is more and more becoming my little girlfriend, instead of just my little girl.  Just stop growing so fast!    

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Session

My parents courageously made the 17 hour journey to our neck of the woods to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  It was Heaven.  Pure Heaven.  (More on that later)  My mom has a really good camera, and is quickly becoming quite a talented photographer.  She snapped some pictures of us on the way back from Snoqualmie on Friday.  We loved how it turned out by the trains. Out of at least 50 pictures, we got a few that turned out.  It was a little trying. . . Here's a few of them.