Friday, March 16, 2012

Taylee's First Grade Music Concert


As I have mentioned before, my little girl is very shy.  I mean, painfully, at times.  Yet, she loves performing.  I mean, adores it.  It's like her favorite thing ever.  She had her 1st Grade Program last night.  And, she has literally been talking about it for weeks and weeks.  She was soooo excited about it.  Every day she would talk about it.  What she would wear, who's going to come and watch, what time she needs to be there, how long it's going to be, etc.  Plus, she was VERY excited that she got a solo.  Their music teacher had everyone who was interested audition for special parts. She really wanted a singing part, and when she came home with a rapping solo, I admit, I was a little bummed.  But, she seemed to be perfectly happy, and was so sweet saying that everyone who got singing parts sang them perfectly, and she did good at the rapping solo! 

Well, last night was the night.  I didn't quite know what to expect.  But, we dressed her up, and watched her shine!  And, I mean, glitter.  In my eyes, she stole the show.  I was so proud that I couldn't stop crying. I'm sure a lot of parents thought I was insane.   She struggles with so many things, socially, and often times, never lets anyone see how wonderful she truly is.  When she is on the stage, she comes alive, and becomes the Taylee we know and love.  I am a proud Mamma!


Natali Jolley said...

And you should be a proud Mama because that was sooo perfect. She did steal the show for sure! And she looked adorable and she was having such a good time. That girl was born to perform!

Celinda said...

Emily, that little girl was the star of the show! What a talent or gift she has! Her dancing and actions were right on, and do you notice the other children watching her? There was no fright in her voice and acting at all. What a natural she is on the stage.

Thank you for sharing. I wish I could come to the kids things.

Monique said...

Very cute, Em! She really does love to be in the spotlight. I'd be a proud momma too!

Michelle K said...

We have not seen you all for a long time now, but I do follow things you post here. This was amazing to see! Taylee did terrific.

Maggie said...

Absolutely adorable! I couldn't stop smiling as I watched!

I hope all is well with you and your sweet fam!

Taylor Family said...

She did so good. What a beautiful little girl. I loved this.