Monday, November 28, 2011

Tay Rae, our girl

Because I'm still playing major catch-up, I thought I'd just give a little update on each of the kids.  Taylee turned 7 in August, and started First Grade!!!  It was a rocky start, to say the least, but, after 3 months, she might be getting into the groove now.  We  moved houses, which caused us to switch schools as well.  This was a very hard transition for her.  She is extremely shy, and does not take to change very well.  Although, socially, she still struggles a little, we were very very blessed that she has such an awesome teacher, and she is doing awesome academically.  She follows all the rules, and just loves being in the classroom.  When I volunteer, I am always pleasantly surprised at her participation, and how happy she seems at school.  What more could you ask for? 

First day of 1st Grade.

 Crazy hair day at school.  She really wanted pink hair, so we searched around, and after Grandma finally found some, she kind of chickened out.  She does not like to draw attention to herself.  So, she settled with just a little stripe.  I thought it was cute.

 She turned 7 back in August.  We celebrated by having just a small friend party with her besties.  We went to Red Robin for some lunch, and then came home and played, and had cake and ice cream.  Her big present, was getting her ears pierced earlier in the day.  She did really well, only a few tears.  And, she has done great about cleaning them, and twisting them.  No infections!

 Her 3 best friends.  All very very sweet girls.  I loved her birthday this year.  It was very low-key, and fun for all.  4 girls is a perfect number!!

 Of course, the boys were there as well.  Parker and Rohnie couldn't be left out of the action.

I find myself worrying about Taylee more so than my boys.  Maybe because she is the most like me.  She loves her beauty sleep, worries a lot, gets anxious, and stressed out, wants everything to be perfect, etc.  But, she is my constant ray of sunshine, and is more and more becoming my little girlfriend, instead of just my little girl.  Just stop growing so fast!    


Monique said...

I can't believe our girlies are 7 now! What are we going to do next year?! I'm glad Tay had a great party. Thanks for letting Parker join in the fun too.
Glad to hear Tay is starting to ajust to all the new things a new house brought. She's such a smart girl and will do great!

Celinda said...

Well you did it again-----made my 'eyes water'. I can't imagine anything better for our Taylee than to be just like her Mother.