Monday, November 28, 2011

Rohnie update

Our big boy is soooo much like his dad.  He started Kindergarten this year, and while I was worried about Tay, I wasn't at all concerned about him.  He has been ready for quite some time.  He loves school, and is doing pretty well.  That endless energy can get him in trouble at times, but, we expected that.  I haven't been too impressed with his teacher though.  She is very unorganized, and they have a lot more play time than learning time.  I was really really mad for awhile about it, but, I am powerless to change it, so, we've just decided to try and make this year as positive as possible.  He is quite popular, and well-liked by all the boys and girls in his class.  He is also almost a head taller than everyone else.  He comes home with a new hole in his jeans every. single. day.  And, he grows out of his jeans just as fast as he ruins them.  Thrift store jeans are now my best friend for him.  At least for now.

 Crazy hair day at school.  He actually won the contest in his class for this hair do.  It was just a classroom vote, and, he didn't win a prize, but, he was really happy about it!

 He turned 6 the beginning of November.  We did a family party, and a real friend party this year.  This was his first friend party, and he loved it.  I have been pretty nervous about throwing him a party, since, little boys can get pretty crazy.  We ended up with 6 boys, and it was mayhem.  I quickly learned that while I know little girls' parties, I was totally out of my element with all these boys.  Jake took over from there, and I was so happy I did it on a day when he was home.  They loved him.
 We played pin the sticker on the Super hero, and had a pinata.  Then, we just ate, and let the boys play.

 Here's the whole group of crazies.

Rohne really wanted a sword cake.  I was at a total loss, but, my wonderful mother-in-law came through, and helped me put together the cake.  It turned out so awesome!


Natali Jolley said...

Yes, your kids are certainly getting to be HUGE! How and why are my two questions. You really did good on the cake for Rohnie and Taylee. What a talented lass you are.

Monique said...

What a stud! He looks so grown up and yes, very tall. I'm starting to get the wrath of torn up jeans as well! We've gone through two pairs in one week! How?! What a fun party! Too bad Parker missed it. Great cake!

Celinda said...

What a wonderful tribute to a son. I remember being relieved to have my son's father home for boy-parties. Even though we love our men, they 'live' in a completely different realm than we women do.

ashlee said...

Your kids are so cute! Reading about the boy party made me a little nervous to have a boy but also so excited to have a crazy little guy running around. I love your family pictures. You are so creative with those cakes.

Do you have Melanie Zimmerman's address?

Maggie said...

Your kiddos are getting so big! Maybe someday you and I can talk about how to deal with our high-energy boys. I'm actually really nervous to have Graham start kindergarten next year. I've said it before and I'll say it again....I wish we lived close. I think our kids would get along great and I'd love hanging out with you!